Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Another monster...

I think these monsters have really gotten under my skin...

I had another sketchy idea for a monster who lives in the woods and forests and collects precious things which he keeps in a special pouch.

Here is the sketch...

So I trawled my fabric stash and found some lovely grey fake fur. Fur would suit a friendly monster that lives in the trees yes?

I think the answer is yes! The fake fur really made this little guy, and his floral pouch stands out too. The inside of his pouch is for storing badges and pins, the kind that we collect and don't do anything with, but want to keep. His name is 'Arboreal Collector'.

I thought he was cute, so I took him and 'Arctic Receiver' along to a local mixed con where my brother was exhibiting his web comic related products, just to see if anyone would like to buy him. Well little Arboreal Collector disappeared within about five minutes! Arctic Receiver hung around on our table for a little longer but was soon scooped! It was weird wandering around the con later and seeing these two guys clutched in their new owners arms. Still, I was very happy to see them go off to new homes! 

Goodbye little creations!

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  1. Ahh! The pocket makes so much more sense now I've read the reason behind it! I love this little guy.