Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mostly repairs

Although I've been fiddling about with sewing for a few years now, I've never really repaired anything until just lately. For some reason, sewing to me was always about creating something new, or certainly reusing something to create something else, I'm all for green sewing...but repairing? Really? Isn't that...I don't know...kind of boring? It just never seemed to occur to me. Here's a little example. I have a lovely oatmeal cardigan from Monsoon that I wear A LOT. I love it. It's lasted well over the years, kept it's shape, and goes with just about everything. But it started to get little holes forming just above the edges to the three-quarter length sleeves. Very annoying. I took to rolling the seams, which hid the holes nicely, but they would keep unwinding, exposing those nasty little holes. I was complaining about this one day at home when the husbandbot said “well, can't you sew it or something?” and it was like a little lightbulb went on over my head. Wait a minute...I sew right? Maybe he's right...maybe I could repair this cardy, because lets face it, Monsoon clothes are lovely but not cheap; I wasn't about to throw a mostly perfectly-functioning cardigan away. So I stomped up the stairs and had a think. Folding the seam a few times seemed like a good idea, so couldn't I just sew it folded? I decided in the end to use a nice floral fancy stitch I have on my machine and this is what I got.
The fancy stitch doesn't stand out because I did it in cream, but it still looks smart, it looks like there's some detail and NO MORE HOLES. Maybe this repairing lark has something to it after all. 
So was there more repairing to be done? I noticed with horror, as if for the first time, a small pile of things on a shelf above my machine. Gosh...a repair pile! There were a few clothing items of my daughters to repair that she'd long outgrown, and her favourite dinosaur plushy, Radcliffe. A friend of ours bought this dinosaur for our daughter her when she was born, and the stitching at his mouth had come away, and just needed a few hand repairs. So off in my train sewing bag he went and is now fully functioning again! Here he is! He's so cheery :)
While I was at my machine I also started pulling together some stray scraps, thinking about a scrap swap I'm going to do with my friend Rachael. If you don't already know about her blog, I'd recommend you read it. It's called Sew, Ray, Me and I'm always inspired by Rachael's posts and the amazing things she makes. She's recently been working on some sweet embroidery and a fantastic travelling kids art case. Luckily, I also know Rachael in real life, so we often meet up to let the little ones play together and try to swap sewing plans and patterns amid the chaos. So here's the start of my scrap pile for my next swap. Rachael, avert your eyes!
I did actually complete some new things this week too. I finally finished the fossil fish pouch I was working on last week and here is it how it looks!
I'm pretty pleased with it actually. The colours work well and my first zip was a success! I think I'll make more of them. I like bringing our wonderful fossils 'to life'.


  1. oh wow, I think I may have to bring you my mending pile! the children can never understand why, given that I sew, I never mend anything!! Love your little purse, it's so cute.
    Kate x

  2. Repairing is not my favorite thing too much but recycling is sort of a form of repair, right? I love your doodling stitches~especially the bird!! Your zipper pouch is neat too. Thanks for visiting me!

  3. Thanks for the comments, and thanks so much for following me! I'm really enjoying my ventures into the sewing blog community!