Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A notebook is needed...

When I started this blog a few short weeks ago, I hoped it would help to focus and drive my creativity. I thought aiming for weekly updates and being aware everyday of LOOKING around me, recording and noting things I could share with the blogging world would spur me on.

And it has! I admit, I'm only a few weeks in, but it's really working. I've been sketching lots of ideas on the train, developing a few 'product' ideas, and easily writing those weekly blog posts. To help, I thought I would start a little crafting or blogging notebook to help me plan and focus. I'll be honest, I love notebooks, so it wasn't difficult to 'decide' that this new pursuit warranted one, but a plain, ordinary notebook wouldn't do. I sew, right? So surely a nice sewn notebook cover would help to inspire me? So I started to sketch on the train and then had a neat little thought...why not invent a cute little creature who could feature on a notebook cover and 'inspire' you by commanding you to 'draw', 'write', or 'create'? I did quite a few sketches, looking for the quirky yet cute look I was after.

Aha! There he is, at the bottom left corner there...lying down, looking cute and attentive. Let me zoom in for you...

There...So, I cut the little fella out of fleece on Sunday night and threw him into my train sewing kit (that reminds me, I really must feature that on here as well...I would be lost without my train sewing kit)...I'd intended to machine zigzag appliqué him on and then add hand-stitched details on the train but I was too eager to get started so I blanket stitched him on with one thread of embroidery thread on the train and then started to embellish, and here's what I ended up with...

I really like it (the fleece does not look so bobbly in real life!). I like the speech bubble effect and I like the way the cerise thread stands out against the cute blue-with-little-suns background. He took me two days of 30 minute train journies to attach and embellish, and then I made him into a notebook cover for my blog book. In hindsight, maybe the speech bubble should say 'blog!' or 'create', but I'm happy with 'write'. Here's a few more shots of the finished notebook. The book already had a marker ribbon so I didn't need to add one but I sewed on a nice line of ribbon down the spine for contrast anyway.

What do you think? I was thinking I could do a few more and perhaps start that Folksy shop I've been thinking about. I certainly love doing the hand stitching more than I thought, and it's a perfect way to fill a train journey! Plus I now look forward to using my lovely notebook :)

Does anyone else craft on their way to/from work?



  1. You did a great job with the notebook cover! I've lost count of the attempts I've made only for them NOT TO FIT once I've sewn them up GRRR!

    Must admit - I'm a little disappointed you haven't given this little 'creature' one of your great names yet!

  2. Rachael I must admit, the cover could be a little tighter! I'd like to produce a few of these so I think I'd do a few testers to make sure they fit before using the nice fabric!

    Re: the creature...I've just looked back and my sketchbook and apparently the creature DOES have a name...he is called Furtive Fox :)