Thursday, 26 May 2011

Illness and inspiration

As my title suggests, it's been a mixed bag of a week. Our little girl brought home a new cold virus from nursery last week, and though it's only affected her mildly, myself and the husbandbot have been floored by it so much we had to miss some work. Thankfully now it's on it's way out  although I still sound like a zombiefied version of myself. Not great for speaking to the public on the phone at work!

Still, I did manage to squeeze some creativity out of my tired body and stuffy head. The monster 'Aquatic apprentice 'made a few more steps towards completion. He's now sewn together and  stuffed. Now I need to make his little toy inflatable armbands and his cloak! Well he needs a little cloak for diving practice right? I like how he's working out so far, and the duck is pretty cute! Need to delve back into the monster notebook and select the next few to be brought to life!
He has a cheeky face...maybe it was a mistake letting him run loose in the kitchen!
On my worst ill day on Monday, I managed to have an idea, do a sketch, and complete the sewing on a little project all within half an hour! Unheard of! Illness must do strange things to me. I was starting to get bored in the afternoon so I dragged my sketchbook out of my bag as a little idea popped into my head. I think it was partly inspired by the wonderfull creations of Lilipopo...specifically this little baboushka style doll. My idea was to do some really simplified animals and use some nice, bright fabrics. So I hauled myself upstairs to my sewing machine and literally threw this little idea under the needle. Several times in my addled state I almost sewed the fabrics rightside to wrongside (I mean I had to re-lay and re-pin the fabrics  THREE times before I finally got it right), but out popped this cute little mouse! 
I think more animals may follow!
To help  while away the illness I was lucky to receive an book order I'd been waiting on, and this lovely book fell into my lap. It's called Home-made Vintage by Christina Strutt. The pictures are lovely, and seeing some of the home shots with these lovely hand-made items in just made me sigh and close my eyes with a smile. Sooooo nice and helped me relax with my stuffy nose! Here are a few pics that really caught my eye!
Ooooo Pretty cover...
*Sigh* One day my house will be restful and organised like this...
Is it wrong to post a Chirtsmassy shot in May? I don't care, I love red and white Christmas themes
I'd LOVE to add embellishments to a vintage jacket!
And can guess how excited I was when an envelope arrived through the door this morning containing my label order. Here's a sneak preview for you all. They look fab! Thanks so much Fiona at CrafterHOME for getting these out to me so quick. I can't wait to use them!
I almost can't bear to take them out of the packet!
Hopefully next week will bring more creativity, and less illness!


  1. Love, love, love your little mouse!

    "right side to right side" is still my sewing mantra - even on a good day! Even managed to sew TWO bunting flags inside out, d'oh!

  2. great monster and cute mouse def make more.
    LOVE the labels.
    {Dab and a dash.}