Friday, 13 May 2011

Monsters, monsters!

As promised last week, I started work on some monsters again.

To get you in the mood for monsters, here are some monster pages from my sketchbook. I have loads of designs just waiting to be made, and I'm really excited to be working on them again. I love working on their individual details and there is loads of handsewing work I can do on the train too!

The first thing I did was to finally make a decent pattern piece. I'd been using a paper pattern for so long it was getting ragged and it was the only version, so I decided to cut one out of nice, crisp vinyl. Much easier to draw around! Here's the new vinyl one, it's transparent apart from the one piece made of graphed vinyl, so you can just about see it on top of the paper piece. 
Currently in progress, two monsters, one called 'Aquatic apprentice' and the other is called 'Big-hearted Bertha'. I love coming up with the names as much as the looks! I always have a general idea or drawing to follow when I start, but when it gets to the details I love going 'freestyle' and just letting the stitches go where they will. There's something almost therapeutic about it, and certainly my train trips pass in a blur!
Bertha is in the middle of the sketch there, surrounded by a few other things I must try. A stamp with ric rac edging! Will definitely try that!
Here's Bertha herself, roughly cut out but with her details all done. She only needs to be sewn, trimmed and stuffed and she's ready to go!
Here's a detail of her stitching. I love adding layers of stitching, so much so that sometimes I don't know when to stop...though I think I got it right this time.
On the centre left there you can see a sketch for Aquatic Apprentice, and here is is little ducky motif in progress...
I'm adding extra stitching to give him some texture.

I'm also quite close to opening a little Folksy shop of my own but I still have a few things to work on. Next to tackle is my fabric labels to go on the things I make. This picture shows how the design is going, and what did I pick to feature as a little logo? A monster of course! Hopefully I'll finalise the design this week. It'll be great to personalise my creations with little 'awkward niche' labels.
It's a work in progress but hopefully a fully fledged design will emerge!

I am also very excited about next week. I've booked a day off work for me. JUST ME. Husbandbot working, little girl at nursery, and myself and the sewing machine last! I have a heap of things requiring machine sewing so hopefully next week I'll have a load of finished projects! Here's hoping I don't get distracted by housework or anything silly like that! I might even take myself off to a fabric shop for a look around. Imagine small child grabbing everything dangerous in sight and no husbandbot hanging around looking bored! I can't wait! Expect a very excited post next week!


  1. Hi! thanks so much for the great words about my work, I really appreciate them. Your note/sketch books look really interesting and I am interested to see how your stitching develops. Be can become addictive!! Karen

  2. Hi, I'm loving the monsters and the duck too, very cute! I hope you enjoy your day off, what a luxury. Thanks for you comment on my blog btw, I'm glad to have found you!