Friday, 20 May 2011

Sewing day

It ended up being a sewing afternoon really but still...I had the afternoon to sew on Wednesday as planned and sew I did! I finished a few projects and have a few more in progress, but it felt good to really spend time at my machine. 
Here's a snap of the sewing area mid afternoon!
Mind you, I think I sometimes forget how relatively LONG things take to sew. There's understanding the pattern or tutorial or idea, then measuring and cutting (can I admit that I really don't like this stage? Probably because this is where I make most of my mistakes), then finally the sewing. I think what I'm trying to say is that I'm currently going through a stage where my imagination and ideas are way outstripping my technical skills. It's really frustrating, but I know that more time at the machine and more practice is what I need. Has anyone else felt like this? Where a simple idea is difficult to realise in practice? Still, I pushed through, I learned how to do a few new things (like 3D square corners), and I finished a few nice little things. Hooray for sewing days!

To start the day, I headed to one of the two fabric shops in a nearby town (this was after I painted the front door...chores/DIY had to figure in there somewhere...right?). I even had some vouchers to spend in the shop, extra squeal! Here you can see some of my purchases...oh and I may have also treated myself to tea and cake. Well technically I was on holiday right?
Finally got a nice quilters square - hooray for right angles!
I mostly picked up some essential supplies like fusible interfacing and some elastic, but I also picked up a bunch of cheap zips, some cute little metal key embellishments and some cute little 'handmade' embellishments. I can't wait to use them! 
Maybe a monster with a secret?
I love these little hands!
So, here's what I managed to complete today. I whipped up a quick oilcloth bag from a great tutorial at Design*Sponge. I love it! It now lives on the island in the kitchen where it has already gathered and tidied some letters and papers. Now there is no excuse for mounds of papers and catalogues sliding onto the floor! The oilcloth also means it stays nice and stiff, and the tissue paper tip from the tutorial worked great. Maybe I don't need to buy a teflon foot after all!
I also finished one of my monsters. 'Big Hearted Bertha' is now stitched, partially stuffed and almost complete. I also found a simple patchwork thin blanket that I'd been making years ago, quickly added some stitching across the squares and this is ready for my daughter to play with tomorrow. Now just to finish those partially complete projects and I think my day of sewing was quite successful!
Here's Bertha in her almost complete state!
I also completed my new logo for the custom labels I want for my projects. Here it is! Simple, but hopefully effective! I'll let you know what they look like once they arrive! So exciting!
Next weeks plans: Finish 'Aquatic apprentice' and set up some sashiko hand embroidery for the train (I have some lovely plain linen placemats I'd love to embellish)


  1. Looks like our dining table for 80% of the week! My sis loves design sponge...I haven't checked it out yet:)

  2. Great labels.
    Love the oil cloth bag.
    and bertha :o))

    {Dab and a dash.}

  3. Thanks for the comments girls! Suz, I've love to have my dining room table look like this a little more often! Mind you it took ages to tidy up again!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about having an idea and actually putting it into practice.

    I do lots of Google searches and try to work the project out in my head, lots of 'doodles', a LOT of lost sleep (I go to bed and it runs through my head all night!), until I figure it out and actually start making it....and having changed the specifications so many times that I don't always end up with what I thought of in the first place (but something BETTER cos I've thought it through so thoroughly!) There's nothing worse than making a complicated project and then thinking 'I wish I'd added this or taken out that part....etc'!

    Sew Ray Me