Saturday, 7 May 2011

View from my train window

Since I started this blog I realise I've mostly talked about the handsewing I've done on the train to work. I fully intended this blog to be full of wonderful things I'd sewed with my machine, but I've been busy with so many different things at the moment that getting machine time has been rare and brief. So my train sewing has become my main sewing for now, and you know I really don't mind. I've really enjoyed using my half-hour journeys in such a fulfilling and useful way. As I was whizzing to work this past week I thought I'd take a few photos of the views to show you all. Luckily the carriage was quite empty so no-one gave me any strange looks!
I managed to work away on quite a few things on the train this week. I've decided to team up the bear I made a few weeks ago with some lettering and make a bag or fabric basket to store all of my daughters farm animals in. She only has a few animals at the moment, but she loves them so much I'm sure we'll be adding to her collection on her birthday in a few months. I also used up a lot of the scraps I received from my friend Rachael at Sew Ray Me as part of our last scrap swap which was also very satisfying. I really like how they turned out and I think they'll go well with the bear. Now I just need to decide whether to make a bag or basket...
Planning the order of the scraps.
I finished my lettering with a train journey to spare so I also busted out this sweet little fox with some spare scraps! He would look so cute on a pocket or maybe even a phone or gadget case. Watch this space!
I also bought a new stainless steel water bottle and decided to quickly whip up a little tether for it. With my machine no less! I added a loop at one end and a clip at the other. I sped this through the machine, and its already in use! My daughter loves drinking from this bottle so no doubt I'll find it tethered all over the house!

Next week...back to some monsters! It has been too long!

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  1. Your fox is amazing! And I love the applique lettering too, great idea for using up scraps, looking forward to seeing it on a box.