Sunday, 12 June 2011

Notebooks, notebooks and notebooks

I have decided, hopefully not foolishy, to do a small craft fair in August. But "Julie" you say, "you haven't even got your Folksy shop up yet, do you have enough stock for either?" I don't! Hence the start of a very frantic few weeks! To start with I've decided to do some more notebook covers, like the first one I made for myself here. I made a few improvements to the design, added a new 'Furtive Fox' silhouette and I have already hand embroidered three this week. I thought I was doing well with two, but a rainy day yesterday and a very long and delayed Montreal F1 Grand Prix on the telly tonight gave me a little more stitching time! Here is what I've finished so far...though please excuse the photography. I should have taken these photos during the day when we had some nice sunshine, but instead I spent the day playing in sand and water with my little girl, oh and catching her by the feet before she disappeared head-first into a wildlife pond - I kid you not - today has been a little too exciting for me, so tonight's sewing was rather therapeutic!
Freeform stitching, similar idea to the original
New fabric, so plumped for circular stitching. See next for details!
You can just see the detail of the peach stitches. It really gives the piece some nice texture
Farbric combo here, and again with the concentric circles
It feels really satisfying to have done quite a lot this week! Of course, now I need to actually turn these pieces of fabric into ACTUAL book covers, but that's for next week. I also plan to turn my fossil fish design into a pillow, which I also want to start next week. Time to stuff my handbag full of fabric for the train!  I have to say, I am REALLY motivated by deadlines. It really helps for me to have them, but setting then myself doesn't actually work, they need to relate to something external, like a craft fair...and an empty table...and hopefully lots of people coming in looking for lovely handmade things! I had better get cracking!


  1. These are gorgeous! I am so impressed by how perfect your circles are I can't sew circles at all.

  2. These are so cute!!
    Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
    Hope to see you again this weekend!

  3. these will make delightful notebook covers...

  4. Thanks for your comments about Crabbittz (im actually embroidering more moustaches as i type this!)
    your fox note book covers are amazing, your work is super neat!
    well done