Sunday, 5 June 2011

Scraps, scraps scraps

I've had a bit of a bounty of scraps this week!

First of all, there was my scrap swap with Rachael. It's our second scrap swap, and its such a simple but exciting thing to do. It's a great way of getting new fabrics, but in small manageable chunks that you can try out. I love getting little bits of things I've never seen, and discovering that I love them, or that they work really well with a fabric I already have or a project I'm working on. Gathering together bits and pieces of my own fabric and ribbon scraps, and wondering what Rachael will make with them is also fun! I love seeing the end product and spotting one of my scraps in there. 

So last week I received the following gorgeous drawstring bag from Rachael, filled to the brim with a wonderful stack of fabric. So many scraps and colours, and ribbon too! I still have the pile in its little bag. I haven't explored it all yet and in some ways I'm almost loathe to take it apart and mix it in with my own scrap pile. I like looking at it sitting there, tied by a lovely piece of brown spotty ribbon, just waiting to be used!
What a wonderful way to receive some scraps!
Wow...where to start?
More scraps came my way on Saturday while I was working doing tours at the museum where I work. I had a chance to visit a little shop in town where I'd noticed a small selection of craft supplies before. I felt like treating myself and I came away with some lovely bits and bobs. As well as some cute little embroidery scissors to use on the train I also picked up a lovely twisted set of recycled sari silk ribbon. What a great idea and great way to make use of scraps of such beautiful fabric! The bundle is about 24cm long and you get 100g of scraps for £3.99  which I think is quite a good deal!
There were different colour combinations to chose was so hard to choose!
So pretty!
I just couldn't resist these
So now my scrap basket is full, it's time to start some little scrappy projects!