Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Welcome to the world...

So this week I wanted to make a little something for friends of ours who had a baby girl last month. We're hoping to swing by and meet the new member of the family soon so I was sparked into creative action. I didn't want to try and do anything too big, because I knew if I set out to make a quilt or something she'd be lucky to get it for her 18th birthday! What I wanted was something small, but handmade and very cute. When our daughter was born I found the time (somehow!) to make a small stuffed heart Christmas decoration, embroidered with her name and date of birth. I love having special decorations on the tree, and over the years as a family I hope to replace the rest of our cheap, standard ones with nice, meaningful pieces (and no doubt lots of decorations made by small hands!) This seemed like the perfect thing to make; hand sewing I can cope with on the train, and not much machine sewing is required so I even managed to make it in one day! I am quite proud of my determination to get this done!
The flowers and leaves of the fabric work so well as a backdrop!
I must admit that in my haste I drew the lettering on in biro and stitched over it. Biro! BIRO! Sometimes I am so lazy and unwilling to wait until I have the right tools to hand! Luckily this time it paid off and I made no mistakes. 

Also in progress this week...
I've finally started working on pulling together my bear embroidery, and my 'ANIMALS' lettering to make a drawstring bag for my daughters farm animals. It's getting there, this picture shows the front of the bag. Hopefully I can get this finished over the weekend.
Feels good to finally use some embroidery from the growing pile
I've also started to develop on the little mouse I made last week, and on the train I've embroidered some little cat faces. Not sure what form they will eventually take (little key hangers maybe? Or decorations?) but I can't wait to find out!
Original animal sketches
Developing those ideas a bit more...
The first cat to emerge
Here's another one!
I'm also working on getting enough bits and pieces together to open a little Folksy shop. I'm very excited and quite nervous! I'm struggling a little over pricing but I hope to be there soon. Hopefully some of my little stash of spare homemade things might find new homes! I do tend to make some extra things that I don't need for my family or for gifts - just because I wanted to make it, or I loved the idea or pattern. So if I make any extra money to help feed the fabric habit, hurrah! More pretty fabrics for me!

Speaking of pretty fabrics...the machine is calling! See you all next time!


  1. Aah, what a lovely gift. And the mice and cats are very cute! I wish I could draw, I can't even manage stick men... :( ps I've used biro before, hey if it doesn't show up after then who cares right?!

  2. Hi Jules. I also dream of a tree of homemade decorations, but have yet to start making the first one! Glad you're getting into embroidery, the more the merrier. And good luck with your Folksy shop. Take care, Kelly