Friday, 29 July 2011


It has been very quiet around here lately...please accept my humble apologies!

Well, to start off with, I had the flu. The real proper flu, in July, JULY! So for five days I lay in bed bed, either asleep, or awake but lying with my eyes closed, not even thinking. Thankfully, the husbandbot took charge and kept everyone dressed, fed and watered, but when I finally got the energy to move onto the couch it really felt like a week had just disappeared! That also meant that I was a week closer to the craft fair! I must admit I panicked, and since then I've been madly trying to catch up, sewing, sewing sewing every evening! Finally I'm starting to feel like I'll at least be able to convert the handsewing I've done over the last few months into finished products, so I'm taking a little break to blog again, which is lucky, because there is only a week to go to the fair! I'm very excited and also a little nervous. I'm just going to try my best to have a good time. As for stock, here are a few pics of finished items waiting to be labelled and tucked away in a bag for next week.

To start with, a few finished monsters, waiting to go to new homes. I'm just finishing writing up their stories which will go on little tags. Their stories and backgrounds are just as important to me as how they look, because they both evolve together. I also hope to have some furry monsters ready in time for the fair.
Big-hearted Bertha
Aquatic Apprentice
And look, some actual completed notebooks! The first one caused me to swear just a little, but once I'd been through the process, and written down the measurements and process for myself, I was able to knock out a few more fairly quickly, and I'm quite pleased with how they look too!

I'm also working on a few little extras on the train. Here's a cute little dog keyring, a little hanging heart and a cute cat.

And finally, the completed fox cushion that I first posted about here. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out too! I'm hoping to finish a couple more if I can squeeze them in this week.
Now I'm back on the blog wagon I hope to post again before the fair to show more of my little creations tagged and ready to go. I can't believe its only a week away! Have any of you done craft fairs before? How did your first one go? 

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  1. Welcome back, lovely goodies, particularly partial to the fox cushion, I hope they sell! I did a craft fair a long time ago (before I got into sewing) with a couple of friends where we sold mostly greetings cards and prints. It was loads of fun but we didn't make a huge amount, after the stall costs. I'm hoping to do another one, but am totally struggling to get stock together since I'm already supplying a shop. Check out this blog post that I read a while a go and kept a note of because it was so useful!