Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Closer to home

Now my first craft fair is behind me, my thoughts turn to more domestic matters. While I was slaving away on bits and pieces for the fair, I stacked up a small list of things that needed doing at home or for my family. My theory is if I blog about it, it will give me an incentive to get it done. Let's see if it works!

Home sewing projects
1. Bag for toddler crockery, cutlery and accessories – whenever we go out to eat I ALWAYS forget something for Izzy, whether its a cup, her rubber mat or a fork, something always gets left behind, and those things that make the journey usually do so in a plastic food bag. I hate using so many plastic food bags and then throwing them away, so I'd like something in fabric (maybe oilcloth?), that has slots and compartments for all her bits and pieces. If you've seen a tutorial out there, please let me know, otherwise I'll start thinking about assembling my own. 

2. Bedlinen – not for any members of the family, but for Izzy's extended family - her toys. Grandad recently made this lucky girl a wonderful wooden toy bed, as she's so fond of looking after her toys and tucking them in. Now, no bed should be without some lovely linen, so I'm planning to make a little quilt and pillow to complete this lovely play set. The toys will be cueing up to have naps!
It even has her name carved into the side, lucky girl!

3. Bean bag – urghhh...I cut out the pieces to this Cath Kidson beanbag pattern ages ago, but I just haven't got around to finishing it. My poor daughter has to sit on a cushion on the floor when she has a snack. Now I've written it here though, it will be done!

4. New travel changing mat – I've seen loads of great tutes, I have some fabric picked, now I just need to MAKE IT.

5. IPOD pouch – the husbandbots Ipod sleeve has gone walkabout, and he has requested another. I'm going to keep it fairly neutral and possibly even man-styled, maybe with a little robot motif. LiliPopo recently had a great tutorial published in a recent issue of Sew Hip, so I'm planning to give that a go.

6. Animal costume – we have recently been frequenting the excellent 'Animal Magic' temporary exhibition at Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery, which is fab for kids and which Izzy adores. As part of the exhibition they have a huge dressing up box full of animal 'parts' to dress up in. They have fab sets for cats, tigers and wolves that comprise a little soft eared hat with velcro under the chin, furry gloves and furry tie-on tails. These went down so well with Izzy that I plan to use some of the fake fur to make her a set of her own. I'd really like to start building up a dressing up box for her. I've seen so many fab tutorials for crowns and costumes, that I really have no excuse.

7. Okay, here's actually one for me, even if it is craft-fair related. I didn't want to fork out on a heavy cashbox to heft around at the next fair, so I thought a little cash apron would be nice, and surely I could make one? That way I don't have to worry about leaving my money lying around when I nip out for tea and a cake, which are also craft fair essentials.
Before I go, a tiny craft fair addendum, here's a little pic of the finished giraffe cushion, I'm very chuffed at how he turned out and I have quite a few more planned. I'm preparing final sketches for a very cute mole as we speak...
I LOVE doing the felt lettering!
Envelope back and one of my fabric labels
While I was at the fair I spent my spare time sewing. I grabbed some lovely soft linen and shoved some felt scraps into my bag, and this cute little donkey is what appeared, but what will I do with it now...notebook cover? Ipod pouch? Hmmm...this requires some thought!
Sort of a cheery Eyeore?
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