Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mumble mumble...

It has not been a very crafty week. Mostly down to the virus which swept through the household, and which seemed to affect the toddler least, and the adults most. I love the stories and drawings our little girl brings home from nursery, but not the never-ending and varied bugs she brings home as well. The worst thing this one has done is made us adults both very tired and have sore tongues (I know it's weird isn't it?, but it turns out all my favourite foods are crunchy and/or spicy, and therefore now very sore to eat). It's getting better, but even a piece of toast makes my tongue ache for AGES afterwards).

Still, a little progress to report. I've now cut out the pieces for the little patchwork quilt for my lucky little girl's toy bed. I'm using a lovely linen blend and this bright, busy red fabric, and I'm going to bind it with a lovely soft blue which picks out the blue in the fabric. I think it'll work well together, but I'll only really know when it's finished.
I THINK the red and blue combo will work
I've also started work on a new ipod sleeve for the husbandbot. We settled on featuring one of the pac man ghosts (we are both keen gamers), so here he is completed.
Apparently the blue one is called Inky...who knew?
Here's a little WIP that I found in my sewing bag the other day. Poor fella needs finished off don't you think?
He at least deserves to have all four legs!
Also hoping to do a big Christmas Craft Fair in December, so I'll need to start thinking about building up a little more stock for that. If we get ANY sun this weekend I'm also going to photograph all the stock I have and hopefully FINALLY get my Folksy shop going.

Here's to a more crafty week this week!

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  1. Ooh, liking the pac man, you could be on to a new line of stock there! Get the men into crafty stuff!