Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A rest and some rabbits

Well, I've come back from my holiday feeling lovely and refreshed, though I didn't quite get through the sewing I thought I would! I thought that since we were pretty much stuck in our little lodge in the evenings while the toddler slept we would need entertained; so we packed books, the x-box (we are currently loving Lego Harry Potter) and that big tub of sewing I mentioned. However, days jam packed full of cycling and swimming and lots of other things meant that we didn't last long past toddler bedtime in the evenings! We needed those long sleeps though, as a certain someone decided that early rises were a key aspect of holidays. So, I managed to partially complete two notebook covers on our trip. At least I managed SOME sewing :)

When I got home though, I just didn't want to work on those covers. Instead, I turned to my sketchbooks. Now, I know I've probably mentioned it a few times, but I have stacks of sketchbooks full of animals and weird characters and beasts that I've been drawing for years and years. These sketchbooks have since sat on a shelf, doing nothing. For some reason, when I got home I was desperate to drag one of those sketches kicking and screaming into stitchy life, so I selected a couple of cute little rabbit characters, and the 'querulous rabbits' pattern was born!
I'm not sure what they are querulous about though...

I rushed this embroidery because I was just enjoying it so much, so the stitching isn't the greatest, but I absolutely loved filling in the features of these little bunnies! So much so that I deliberately left their facial expressions till last so they would only pop into being at the last minute. I feel my sketchbooks may have a new lease of life! The only question left is what to do with them now...a little cushion perhaps? Or a small hot water bottle cover? Choices, choices!

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sewing to go

There is a large plastic tub in the middle of my living room floor packed full of hand-sewing. It's there because we're just about to head off to Centre Parcs for a weeks holiday! Hurrah! I get the feeling that packing for all future holidays will include now  a large tub of fabric, floss and needles. I've signed up to do a couple of Christmas craft fairs, so I'm going to use some of the evenings in our lodge to do the hand-sewn details for some new notebook covers. I'm topping up my notebooks stocks and I have some fab new fabrics picked out to work with. I love the fact that each one will look very different! I like having a nice mix of fabrics so that if anyone wants to buy one they can choose one that fits them or the intended recipient best :).
Yummy scrummy! I can't wait to add stitched detail to these!
We've also been on holiday this past week but we've been at home going on day trips (visited the newly refurbished National Museum of Scotland and Izzy loved it, especially the dinosaurs. We all came home very tired indeed!). Mostly this has meant early bedtimes for all of us and no sewing, but I did manage another three embellished felt foxes to add to the two I finished in my last postAfter the first two I trialled, I feel that I've gotten a lot more bold at representing fur, especially with the colours! I'm really pleased at how these latest ones have come out and look forward to making them into keyrings. I'm also toying with making my daughter a lovely oatmeal linen dress, and I'm thinking a nice felty fox would look lovely as a pocket detail. watch this space!
I love his bright colours!
There's a dark purple here too that's hard to see in the photo
Back to the grey felt but with pink and purple stitching!
So hopefully I'll be back next week with five new notebooks covers hand-sewn and waiting to be put in the machine pile. Oh and hopefully all three of us will be well rested after a fab but busy holiday!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Little Foxy

I am very inspired by might have noticed :)

Real, imagined, cute, funny, scary or sad; I seem to have spent most of my life drawing them, and writing about them and their adventures. I do love drawing people too, and have been working hard on drawing some actual real people lately (without even ears or tails), but when I sit down with pen and paper and no thoughts in my head...invariably an animal appears. So, with all these years invested in drawing animals I think I've picked up a few skills, and one thing I'm quite good at drawing is fur. Now that I'm a sewing addict too, I've been trying to represent animals in fabric in a number of different ways, but over the last few days I've decided I really need to bite the bullet and tackle fur. How can you represent fur colours, textures and direction with thread? It's so exciting for me, trying out a completely new way of doing something that is usually so familiar to me. The result? two little stitched foxes appeared. I didn't want to stitch every hair of the foxes fur, I just wanted to suggest it, because that's the way I draw as well. So here they are!
Fox number 1 with pink stitched outline
Detail of stitching, though the grey is difficult to see!
Fox number 2 with blue stitched outline
The brown and light blue stitched worked really well together!
You know, I'm pretty chuffed with how they turned out, but it's just a start, and I'd like to achieve more. I'm so excited about exploring fur with stitches, that I've got another two felt fox outlines already stitched on and waiting for some fur.

Yay fur and fabric!

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