Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A rest and some rabbits

Well, I've come back from my holiday feeling lovely and refreshed, though I didn't quite get through the sewing I thought I would! I thought that since we were pretty much stuck in our little lodge in the evenings while the toddler slept we would need entertained; so we packed books, the x-box (we are currently loving Lego Harry Potter) and that big tub of sewing I mentioned. However, days jam packed full of cycling and swimming and lots of other things meant that we didn't last long past toddler bedtime in the evenings! We needed those long sleeps though, as a certain someone decided that early rises were a key aspect of holidays. So, I managed to partially complete two notebook covers on our trip. At least I managed SOME sewing :)

When I got home though, I just didn't want to work on those covers. Instead, I turned to my sketchbooks. Now, I know I've probably mentioned it a few times, but I have stacks of sketchbooks full of animals and weird characters and beasts that I've been drawing for years and years. These sketchbooks have since sat on a shelf, doing nothing. For some reason, when I got home I was desperate to drag one of those sketches kicking and screaming into stitchy life, so I selected a couple of cute little rabbit characters, and the 'querulous rabbits' pattern was born!
I'm not sure what they are querulous about though...

I rushed this embroidery because I was just enjoying it so much, so the stitching isn't the greatest, but I absolutely loved filling in the features of these little bunnies! So much so that I deliberately left their facial expressions till last so they would only pop into being at the last minute. I feel my sketchbooks may have a new lease of life! The only question left is what to do with them now...a little cushion perhaps? Or a small hot water bottle cover? Choices, choices!

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  1. oh that's so lovely that something left untouched for years can be such a huge source of information. the facial expressions are gorgeous! you're a very talented drawer! there's no way it'd be able to draw like that! i'd love to see some more :)

    (i think they'd look lovely framed and dotted around the house!)