Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sewing to go

There is a large plastic tub in the middle of my living room floor packed full of hand-sewing. It's there because we're just about to head off to Centre Parcs for a weeks holiday! Hurrah! I get the feeling that packing for all future holidays will include now  a large tub of fabric, floss and needles. I've signed up to do a couple of Christmas craft fairs, so I'm going to use some of the evenings in our lodge to do the hand-sewn details for some new notebook covers. I'm topping up my notebooks stocks and I have some fab new fabrics picked out to work with. I love the fact that each one will look very different! I like having a nice mix of fabrics so that if anyone wants to buy one they can choose one that fits them or the intended recipient best :).
Yummy scrummy! I can't wait to add stitched detail to these!
We've also been on holiday this past week but we've been at home going on day trips (visited the newly refurbished National Museum of Scotland and Izzy loved it, especially the dinosaurs. We all came home very tired indeed!). Mostly this has meant early bedtimes for all of us and no sewing, but I did manage another three embellished felt foxes to add to the two I finished in my last postAfter the first two I trialled, I feel that I've gotten a lot more bold at representing fur, especially with the colours! I'm really pleased at how these latest ones have come out and look forward to making them into keyrings. I'm also toying with making my daughter a lovely oatmeal linen dress, and I'm thinking a nice felty fox would look lovely as a pocket detail. watch this space!
I love his bright colours!
There's a dark purple here too that's hard to see in the photo
Back to the grey felt but with pink and purple stitching!
So hopefully I'll be back next week with five new notebooks covers hand-sewn and waiting to be put in the machine pile. Oh and hopefully all three of us will be well rested after a fab but busy holiday!


  1. Oh you lucky things going on hols! I love your foxes, they are so lovely, I can't wait to see your finished notebooks. I love the frixion pen, the heat of the iron just seems to remove every trace of it so I would heartily recommend it.

    Kate x

  2. Sewing to go... Ahhh I always have such great intentions when it comes to crafting on the go, but it always gets set by the wayside somehow.

    Love love your foxes & especially the orange detailing on the top one!

  3. The front is a fabric pieced fan with embroidered silk roses and thread needlework. Below the fan is an embossed velvet pincushion~we will emboss silk rayon velvet in class! Open the book to find a scissor pocket and velvet ribbon to hold your needleshow to use machine embroidery hoop