Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween delays

I have a huge pile of sewing waiting to be done for this weekends craft fair (if you are in the area, I'll be at the Lomond Centre on this Sunday afternoon in Glenrothes, Fife), and I also have two big blog posts almost fully written and illustrated. Have I finished any of these things? No. Why? Well we don't really go for Halloween that much in the UK, but my toddler was at nursery today and they were invited to come in fancy dress as they'd be having lots of Halloween fun.

Well. This presented somewhat of a dilemma for me. 

Do I pop her in one of her dressing-up box outfits (which includes some carboot sale Halloween costumes), buy her a supermarket cheapy, or make one myself? There is also some history to this issue. My Dad made some absolutely AWESOME fancy dress costumes for us when we were kids, and no he didn't sew things, he soldered and hammered and the most amazing 3D creations from wire and wood and all sorts in his workshop. If I ever find some of those old photos I'll post them here to show you what I have to live up to. Plus, thirdly even, if I start making her costumes now...I feel like I will always need to make them. A shop bought costume in the future just wouldn't do. So what choice did I make? I chose to make her a costume of course! 

Goodbye to having decent stock for Sunday, and hello to a life of sweating over my sewing machine for last minute outfits! There wasn't much of a choice really :) So since I seem to have had a recent obsession over foxes...guess what my little girl dressed as today? Let's cut to the piccies! A little warning though. I only took the piccies when she got back home tonight, so everything is a little 'worn in', and she looks pretty tired too!
Awww tired toddler. Here's the costume front. The 'hat' with ears got a little stretched (it was only single layer fleece with no lining), and you can't see the cute gloves with paw pads stitched on in pink felt. The hat pattern was based on my hooded scarf pattern from my last post.
Love, love love the cute little tail! The main outfit was a cheap pair of leggings and a long sleeved top I picked up at the shops. I stitched on a white fleece belly, and made a cute stuffed tail that tied on with a ribbon. The colour match was amazingly good!
Phew...halloween is tiring! Hopefully back to your regularly scheduled broadcast next time!

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  1. Well done you for opting for the harder (but way more special and exciting) option! The costume is fab!!! :-)