Monday, 17 October 2011

How about a tidy up?

I hate going upstairs to use my sewing machine.

There, I've said it. A lot of it is to do with the fact that it's usually at least 9 o'clock in the evening before I have any time, and by then I'm tired and just want to veg and watch TV or do some hand sewing. Its also partially to do with the fact that I am just intrinsically lazy. Anything that involves getting up or going somewhere else sometimes just seems impossible to me. The poor husbandbot has to cope with this reluctance to move every time I take a bath.

“Are you done?”
Me: “No, I'm not. I'm staying right here”.
Husbandbot: “Yes, but the water's cold now”.
Me: “I know. Can't I just top up the hot water?”
Husbandbot: “Forever?”
Me: “YES”.

Combine this with the fact that our study is so absolutely packed full of rubbish and is not a nice place to be, then no, I don't want to go upstairs to use my machine. The husbandbot works from home and he has to perch at a tiny desk while my sewing mess takes up a slightly larger desk, and a huge desk houses our main desktop computer and A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF. 
This actually shows my desk mid-tidy. I forgot to take a snap before we started!
Eek! Things stuffed everywhere!
Obviously the poor husbandbot needs more room, and I should tidy up my sewing mess too, but finding the motivation has been hard. We've been working so hard to spruce up the rest of the house, and there was just nowhere else for any of this stuff to go. However, after a couple of weeks of trips to charity shops and the recycling centre, we managed to shift enough stuff to come up with a solution. I would move to the large desk where I had room for my machine, all my bits and pieces and even some measuring and cutting room (Ooooooooooooo). The husbandbot would relocate to my old desk, and have much more room. Hurrah! So began a mad few days of shifting and boxing, but we are almost there. And you know what? I WANT to go upstairs now. Even if just to LOOK at my sewing supplies, all visible and arranged in nicely labelled tubs. Would you like to see too? Now, I must admit, don't expect to be blown away by fantastic studio space like some of those I regularly drool at on other blogs (maybe someday?), but I finally have room and things are organised. SEWING BLISS. 

Looooooook. It's not great but it's better right? I can see ALL of my sewing things at once. I love it! A few things need to find a permanent home and hopefully all the boxes on the left will move, but it's getting there!
I even got to dig out my old label machine. Boy do I love to organise and label things :)
These Ikea tubs were a great buy, and now I know what's in them all! 
Awww little label remains. I must find more things to label now...
This looks lovely and tidy, but oh my gosh I don't have nearly enough buttons! This terrible situation must be remedied, and remedied fast! (browses favourite button-selling websites)
Pattern pieces added to labelled files in a folder with labelled dividers. Am I going too far?
This old port box currently houses all my ribbons and trimmings. They are rather stuffed in for now but I have plans for this box, plans that involve a simple piece of dowling and some power tools. And before you ask, I don't think we've even opened the port. Mind you, I've been hearing recently that it goes rather well with cheddar. I love cheese so I may crack it open as the weather worsens and we need a bit of cheering up! 

You know what's best about this organising though? It has really inspired me. After I finished the final clear up, I found a little sketch of a hare crumpled in a box, and I grabbed some calico and my new frixion pen and this pattern appeared.
I can't wait to bring this 'Dappled hare' to life with pretty colours! Off now to spin around in my sewing chair and cackle at all the labelled tubs and boxes! Have any of you tidied your sewing stuff lately? I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. Well done for tidying up and organising everything so well - jealous of your label maker, I've always wanted one, but I think I might go label crazy! The hare looks lovely - I'm sure it will look fantastic when finished! :) x

  2. Hi Jules,

    Well done for having a good clear-out-and-tidy-up! It feels great, doesn’t it??? I definitely think that having a tidy crafting space encourages you to craft more. If there’s a place that’s comfortable and enjoyable to be in, you’ll naturally go there more, right? And, tidy desk, tidy mind!!!

    Enjoy your lovely new space…..



  3. You got the bigger desk!? Result! :)
    Love the labelled boxes, could you come and organise mine when you get a sec??

  4. Oh - I wish I had the motivation to tidy up. I have a whole room so stuffed full of stuff - i can't get in the door or work in there. One day it will convert from the study from when I did my degrees to being the craft room! I've started a mini quilt for the wall, so once that is finished......may be.....