Monday, 24 October 2011

It worked!

If you read my last post, you'll know that I've just had a major sewing-space tidy up in the hope that it would generate some actual renewed interest in machine sewing. has! Hurrah! One of the first things I did was sew up some of the fox embroidery I finished and blogged about here. These little guys had just been sitting under a pile of fabric, waiting to be cut out and brought to life. Some felt backing and lovely ribbon hangers and rings and we have little keyring buddies! I did have to do a resew on a few of these as I got the ribbon angle wrong on the inside several times so they came out squint! I tried not to let this get me down and I had a break, then carefully took then apart and fixed them. I was not going to let a little setback ruin the positive affect of my tidyup!
Also, I whipped up a cute winter hat for my little two year old! I'd made a hooded scarf out of faux fur with animal ears for my brother last christmas, and a kids version always seemed so obvious but I'd just never got around to it. Well, thanks to my tidy I found a stash of white fleece, and some cute robot fabric I'd forgotten about for a lining, and here's the finished product. It took me a while to get pics as my daughter spent most of the afternoon dancing and I can't take good motion pics! She finally got a little tired and sat down so I whipped out the camera while she wore it to relax.

Love that robot fabric, so bright and cheery!
That is one tired little girl...
 For my brothers hooded scarf I just sewed together two side pieces, but after studying a few coat hoods I decided to add a sort of 'gusset' between the ears. This made it much easier to add the ears, and meant that the hood 'sat' much better. The whole thing was whipped up in no time, and I think I might even do a few more to take along to my next craft fair. If only I could get my daughter to come along and model them for me...


  1. Oh my goodness - your daughter is soooooo cute!!! And that hat is too - I quite fancy one for myself, in fact! ;-)
    I'm glad that the sort-out has helped with productivity! Looking forward to seeing what you whip up next.....

  2. I do so love your foxes and I too am forever unpicking wonky ribbon, it just seems to have a mind of it's own! I love the hats too, I think they'd go down a storm on a craft stall, they look so snuggly

    kate x

  3. OMG! The hat/scarf (harf? scat? lol) is sooooo fab! You HAVE to try a few for the craft fair. It'll be great for wrapping up in winter, looks so cosy.

  4. You should do the Glenrothes one of these -