Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sketches reborn

I suppose, considering I've signed up to do some Christmas craft fairs, that I really should have spent the last week working on those notebook covers right? WRONG! Not when there are sketchbook sketches waiting to be turned into embroidery! So I spent one lovely, indulgent evening with my light box, and my new fabulous frixion pens (thanks for the top tip Lilipopo), flipping through my sketchbooks looking for sketches to turn into stitches. 

I did this while the Husbandbot was out though, as to me my sketchbooks are a very, very personal thing. I'm not really sure why either, I mean there's nothing dodgy in there in terms of content, but plenty of bad art! I know I have posted sketchbook pics in the past, but those were from a recent sewing notebook where I simply jot new sewing designs. My other sketchbooks contain just everything and anything. Any mad idea I have or sometimes I would just open them and put pen to paper and see what happened. I guess because of that they are sort of raw outpourings of what makes me ME. So yes, they are very personal. However, it's also a little sad to have them sitting gathering dust and not being used, so to sit and look through them, even though I cringed a few times, was a very fun process, and I now have a neat stack of linen blend all marked up ready to be sewn. Here are a few that have been through the whole process.

I love his pensive look!

Still on a bit of a fox kick after my recent fox embroidery, I picked out this sketch. It's from a series of sketches the rabbits from my last post came from. I was actually thinking about putting together a children's book called 'Superfox' with some of these sketches and ideas, but I never got any further than designing a few characters and jotting down some plot points. Maybe one day?
Ran out of the brown thread! Tsk!
A WIP this time, more rabbits from the same series, though different characters. For some reason, I love giving rabbits big hair. Must remind me of the animated Watership Down I think. 
Hmmmm...I'm not entirely sure what this is! Just a random sketch but not really that sure about it. Is he underwater? Why does he look so unsure? I think he doesn't work as well on linen as the rabbits do, so maybe I should keep the 'weirder' stuff for a plain cotton. We'll see. Any ideas for this fella? 
I've decided the two rabbit pieces and the fox will form a trio of little cushion covers, edged with maybe a more vintage-looking fabric that my usual bright choices. I think that might work really well. Tonight I really MUST get on with the pile of machine sewing sitting by my desk, but I haven't looked through those sketchbooks yet so.....hmmmm.....



  1. Hi Jules
    Thank you for your lovely message on my blog! I am happy you enjoy and find it inspirational! I love writing daffodils & snowdrops, and aim to inspire others, so I am really happy to receive your comment.
    Your blog is great too! Just joined!! Love your cute embroidered foxes! :) Keep posting
    Em x

  2. Hi Jules
    Thank you for visiting me and for your comment - it's so great to meet fellow craftaholics. I just love your little embroideries - I'm a bit of an embroidery novice, so you can be my sewing guru! (ie I get to ask you lots of daft questions and you can ignore/reply as you see fit! hee hee)
    First daft question: what do you find best to sew onto? I was thinking some sort of fine linen, does that sound plausible?
    Emily x

  3. Thanks so much for the comment Em! Replying here as I couldn't get hold of an email for you. Thanks for the comment and for following!