Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fairs and fairs!

Wow, it's been a busy week so it's been a little quiet on here I know! Just got halloween out of the way and now I'm onto festive craft fairs already. It still seems a little wrong to be talking about THE C WORD so early...but when it comes to crafting you have you have to start thinking pretty darn early!

I had my first seasonal craft fair on Sunday, near where I live in Fife. It was a really good hall with lots of varied sellers. I had a great time and chatted to lots of visitors and to some of the local crafters (if you find your way here from picking up one of my business cards, it was great to meet you all! I really love talking to fellow craft peeps!) Unfortunately it was a bit quiet, and I didn't quite make my table money back (boo). Still, quite a few people picked up cards and a couple of them seemed keen to contact me later about special commissions. 

Next up is the Christmas Boutique Chic event in Broughty Ferry on the 19th of November. This is set to be all singing and dancing, with fairy lights and mince pies no less! I'm hoping this fair might be a bit busier, and hopefully I'll have a busy, chatty day, and maybe even make some sales too. Anyway, here's some pics from Sunday. I managed to finish a few more things to sell too and you can see them below.
Here's how my little stall looked. I hope it looks nice and bright and inviting. My mum came along to help out because it was local and to showcase her knitted bits and pieces which I also had on sale. Cheers ma!

Finally I now have three cushions completed, hurrah! I've developed a little theme for them, it's called 'sometimes you just have to...', and then each cushion has an animal and some text to  fit the theme. Each is labelled with a little tag that explains the theme too. So far I have
1. A fox with 'Be sly'
2. A giraffe with 'Stand tall'
3. My signature Awkward Niche monster with 'Be yourself'
I have another couple in the pipeline, such as a mole with 'Dig deep', and I plan to get to ten. I've noticed that all my work seems to be developing in themes, which I really love. It really fits with the semi-organised way I like to work. Of course, I still follow whatever motivates and inspires me, but working to one or two ongoing themes gives me a little bit of much-needed direction.

Here's a little close up of the monster cushion. Letters are fabric scraps that are blanket stitched on then bordered with a thick running stitch which creates a lovely raised border.

The reason I'm grinning insanely here is that's my Mum on the left posing as a customer. I just couldn't keep a straight face!

This shot shows some of my stuffed monsters and boxes of my Mum's knitted treats. There are knitted hanky cosies, and some lovely cotton dish scrubbies and gorgeous soft face cloths. 

Oh and finally finished, I turned my embroidered hare into a lovely stuffed heart. It really seems to suit being a heart, so I might do a few more.

Now I'm off to assault an old port box with a drill...tara!


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  1. Wow!!! What a lot of pretties!!! I'm sorry that you didn't make as much as you would have liked - but I'm SURE you'll be contacted by people who took your card! Your stuff's so lovely - and I like how you've got lots of variety on your stall!

    The fair later in month sounds exciting - with MINCE PIES!!! We can't get them here in Germany. But we found an 'English Sho' in Cologne a few weeks ago, and spent a whopping 4 Euros on a tiny jar of mince pie filling!!! so we'll have to make our own..... ;-)