Saturday, 26 November 2011

Socially mobile

Is it possible to feel withdrawal symptoms from hand sewing? It certainly feels like its possible. I haven't done hand stitching for about two weeks and it's making me kind of...well...twitchy. I have been busy doing other things at least, and I had the new issues of Mollie Makes to occupy me on the train to work but it wasn't quite right somehow. I love having the peace and quiet of train journeys to read and think, but I'm starting to think a train journey isn't right unless it looks like this.
Ahhhh train embroidery bliss
I know it's been a little quiet around here, but I have actually been doing things behind the scenes (I really have, really...HONESTLY!). I've decided to expand my social media dabbling a little bit and I now have a Facebook page. A lot of people have picked up my cards at the craft fairs I've done recently, and though I LOVE my blog, it can maybe be a bit detailed for those who just want to browse your products based on what they've seen at a craft fair (I LOVE the detail of blogs though, and I hope you do too!). So I took the plunge. If you are on Facebook and you want to 'like' me you can either go to or click on the 'Like' button over on the right hand side of the page. Am I web 2.0 now?

I also took part in a craft fair in Broughty Ferry on the 19th, and I had an enjoyable day. It was very busy and lots of people passed through. We even had the lovely addition of a cafe provided by the organisers featuring tea, coffee, mince pies and even homemade soup! With Christmas music floating through the air it was certainly a craft fair with benefits! Sales-wise it was a bit odd. We were rarely quiet, but little money was changing hands, although quite a few people took my little mini Moo cards (hence the Facebook addition). In the end I actually had a really good day sales wise, thanks mostly to friends and family who came by to support me (thanks guys!), and some last minute decisive shoppers who bought several items from me just as we were about to pack up. 
All the stalls had Christmas lights!
The most exciting thing about the day? I sold two cushions! These were my first cushion sales, and it was great to sell something that I'd completely developed myself to my own designs and themes. There is something so gratifying about somebody buying something you have designed and made by hand. Although I do very much craft for myself, there is something wonderful and possibly addictive about that warm feeling you get when someone buys something you have made. But you know what? I even felt a little bit...well...sad in a way! It's weird to think I'll never see or touch those cushions again! Can you tell I'm very new to selling my creations?  However, this was outweighed by the comforting thoughts that these two cushions might be snugly placed on a lovely couch in someone's house right now! I LOVE that thought. Goodbye fox and monster cushions, enjoy your new home!
I've also joined a local crafting group over the last few weeks. A lovely friendly group of people who want to use the winter nights to create, swap patterns, ideas and techniques, and just have a friendly natter. I lug my sewing machine down to the local community hall and blast through a bit of machine sewing while chatting. It's a great way of giving me some focused machine time with no distractions (TV, chores, books etc.), and it's a great way to be inspired. Being part of this group actually encouraged me to look back over some of the crafts I made before I started to blog, and I found a lovely tunic dress I made for my daughter about a year ago. She only wore it once at a friends wedding and I promptly forgot about it. When she saw it again she wanted to wear it, and it has now become a tunic! It's great to see it again (it's the only item of clothing I've ever made here as I'm a little scared of clothes patterns), and it looks 
supercute with jeans!
It's actually making me feel a little more brave about attempting some more clothes for her. She DOES have a Christmas party coming up in a few weeks...maybe a linen tunic with some nice red details? Hmmm....oh dear...time to get out the sketchbook!


  1. You MUST make that linen dress! It sounds so lovely!

    I totally get withdrawal symptoms if I've not done any sewing for a few days. If I don't have the time I usually find flicking through some sewing books gives me enough of a 'fix' until I can actually do some for real!

  2. Ah I love embroidery on trains until I get headaches! That bunny is very cute :)


  3. I LOVE looking at photos of other people's craft fair stalls!!! I'm not surprised that you sold the cushions - they are gorgeous!!! :-)

  4. Hi Jules, The craft fair stand looks great! So glad you sold some cushions (even if it was a wrench!) as they are totally fab...and should be on sofas all over the place! x