Thursday, 8 December 2011

Back to embroidery bliss

Withdrawal symptoms over, I am back to embroidery with a vengeance. No more empty train journeys, no more restless hands. I'm afraid I'm still very much on an animal kick though, but no real surprises there. I've being drawing a lot of mustelids recently (stoats and weasels), and aside from an idea for a cutey cute stuffy called 'Sneezil Weasel' (hopefully more details in a future post), I've mainly been drawing serene stoats. For those who are interested (placing her natural history curators cap on her head), stoats and weasels look very similar - however, the stoat is larger, has a black tip to its tail, and turns white or partly so in the winter (in the UK weasels don't turn white, but they do elsewhere!).
I worked on a few different sketches to inform my stitchy stoat, but could only find one to show you. I've been blogging a little while now and I STILL haven't got into the habit of photographing things RIGHT AWAY before I loose them or they disappear off into the mysterious toddler land. Will I never learn?
(Sorry for the low quality smartphone piccies!) 
Then I set to work on the train pulling my ideas together. I'd started work on stitching fur with my fox keyrings and my fox embroidery, but this time I really wanted to try and represent shape and form with my stitches, and you know what? I really feel like my work has paid off and I've gotten somewhere with this! Hurrah! 
Half four on the train and pitch dark outside! Winter in Scotland :)
Just some foliage to finish...
He looks so serene! Now I just need to iron off the pen and I'm done!
One of the things I love most about sewing and embroidery, is the kit you need. I  have always been attracted to hobbies that require a lot of STUFF. When I started to play floorball, did I want to play outfield where all you need is trainers and a stick? NO. I wanted to be a goalie. I wanted a fancy helmet, and gloves, and padded kit and EVERYTHING. I still love being a goalie for my local team (Go Chapel Floorball Club! - twelve years being their goalie and counting), and I still love browsing Floorball catalogues and drooling over the lastest advances and colours of goalie kit. Well, embroidery is much the same, and at the heart of it is thread, or rather FLOSS. There is a whole new nomenclature to learn in this new hobby. Floss...skein...bobbin...strands...and don't get me started on the names of all the stitches! I love it...I don't quite know how to pronounce everything...but I still love it. 

So I have stuff. And stuff needs to be ORGANISED. I do love to be organised.

It's like bringing order out of chaos. There's something just so satisfying about looking at all those little card bobbins wound with colourful thread. YUM. Oh and before you ask and think the colour-wheel in my head is all wrong, I'll be matching up the colours and putting them all IN ORDER when all my skeins are wound. Come on...I'm not mad...of course all the greens will be together and all the yellows and the moment I just fill each little compartment up then move on to the next. It keeps all the cute little bobbins propped and neat. And also, before you ask that next question you're thinking about....yes I order my books and DVDS by genre and author. Well, everybody does right?...RIGHT????
Still haven't finished the old port ribbon box sadly. It's almost there though...hopefully next post!