Monday, 30 January 2012

Pattern with a plan

I've been meaning to develop a little set of woodland animals patterns for a while, based on a number of sketches I've been working up, and recently some networking gave me a little kick to get it done! A few local crafters have recently set up a group called 'Meet and Make'. Once a month we're going to organise an evening craft workshop  to encourage people to try new crafts. These little workshops will be a real laid back affair, combining crafting with chatting, tea and cake (which as we all know is the best way to do anything). 

A crocheting workshop has already been held, and my friend Rachael from Sew Ray Me is holding hers on making beautiful handsewn fabric flowers this week. I'm going to be holding an embroidery evening workshop in March, date to be decided. I can't wait to enthuse about embroidery and encourage people to have a go! I decided my woodland animals could make perfect introductory patterns, so I worked them up into simple designs using just a few stitches, and here's what I came up with. I went with circular designs, thinking they could be kept in the hoops and displayed as home decorations.
Little hedgehog with simple leaves
Badger with autumn oak leaves
Curled fox in the undergrowth with some simple appliqué 
If you are in the Fife area and you'd like to go along to this workshop and/or hear about  others, you can keep tabs on what we are planning through the 'Meet and Make' Facebook page. I'll be posting date and venue locations here next week, and hopefully I'll have some post workshop pics to share in March! I'm so excited!

Before I go though, one of my favourite aspects of reading other peoples blogs is seeing the PROCESS. I love to see how people do things, and how the thought processes work. I love seeing the stages of things as they progress from idea, to design, to pattern to reality. Nothing inspires me more than seeing how other crafters brains work. So, hoping you like that too, I'm including a host of sketchbook pics so you can see how these designs evolved.'s like letting you look inside my brain.

 Some animals and leaf designs. The fox and the badger pretty much made it through unscathed. The stoat and rabbit never got worked up any further and were rejected. Maybe I can develop them for something else?
 The circular idea starts to come together. I thought a single animal and some simple leaves would fill the space nicely, but I'm hoping that people will be able to complete the bulk of the design in 2-3 hours.
 Little more animal design here. The fox has grown up a little. He was looking too cub-ish before. Don't worry if you can't read my writing...neither can I!

WIPs section
And finally, to keep tabs on my progress, I completed the topstitch on the fox hood and my little patchwork quilt for my daughters toy bed is progressing! The enforced machine time at my local stitch club is working a treat. Chat, tea, lovely homemade cakes (nom nom) and my machine in front of me does work as an incentive. I told you tea and cakes were the way forward! This Thursday I hope to add the wadding and a plain back and do the quilting. After that I think I may even try hand binding. Watch my WIP section for updates!

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  1. cuuuute!! these are absolutely precious!!

  2. I love the embroidery, especially that cute fox. Are you going to do a bat one? A brown long-eared bat would look lovely I think. But then I'm biased, being a bat worker that is! The meet and make workshops sound great, but Thornton is a bit too far east for me, it would have to be nearer the M90 for me to come along from Dunblane. Love the in-progress pics too, I should try and take more of those! :) x

  3. The embroidered animals are soooo cute! I love the applique on the fox design - it adds an extra special something! :-)

  4. Im glad you are making some patterns, you really are so talented in your drawings AND embroideries! How exciting running a workshop and inspiring others to embroider and get crafty too. Im sure you will have lots of fun!