Monday, 23 April 2012

Charity shopping

I had a day off work today, so I booked in a charity shop visit with Rachael from Sew Ray Me. I've never really looked in a lot of charity shops before, but I'd heard so many stories on other blogs of other people's fantastic finds so it seemed like it was worth a shot! Rachael and I travelled to a local town, and we must have looked in 7 or 8 shops with varying success. I was mostly in the hunt for buttons, and luckily the shops didn't let me down!
Yummy buttons, and yummy prices!
Gratuitous button close-up!
I like shiny ones
I could have had lots more but I mostly restricted myself to buying bigger ones that I wanted to make more cuffs with, and also some smaller ones that I just couldn't resist. I got 64 buttons in total, for the princely sum of £6.50. Not a bad haul! I also got a few lovely blue/grey napkins, originally from Habitat that didn't look as though they had been used at all. I'm thinking I might try and embroider something on them...not sure what yet though! 

100% cotton, they have a lovely feel to them.

 Of course, it was the little 'uns who really did the best out of charity shop trawl. Izzy got loads of new books and a jigsaw. 

She is a huge fan of Wall-E and loves the wonderfully illustrated version I found today. It looks like it'll be the bedtime book for the next week or so! Rachael also got some fabric bits and pieces, so keep an eye on her blog for details!

I've actually finished a couple of little projects this week too! I was so excited about the fabric cuff that I made last week that I decided to try out an embroidered version. I roughly drew some flowers on some fabric grabbed from the stash and embroidered from there, and finished it up today. I really like it!
This button came from today's charity shop trawl! It's metal with what looks like blue enamel on top.
I'm really glad I finally found a use for this medium-weight pink fabric.
I also finished my tea-drinking dragon this week. I'm quite happy with him, but it's the first time I've really embroidered onto patterned fabric and it was a little scary, even if the pattern is simple polka dots. Still, I really like the outcome, even though I still can't get the colours of this to photograph right!
Well everyone drinks tea, right? RIGHT??
Here's the original sketch of the dragons head, in amongst some other strange things!
Perhaps more embroidered cuffs next week?



  1. Hi!

    I've just discovered your blog via Rachael, I follow her on Twitter.

    Amazing charity shop haul - love the buttons!

    Your dragon & cuff embroidery is amazing! Its so pretty, and so detailed! I can't wait to see more :o) xx

  2. wow great finds.
    LOVE the buttons and dragon. Fantatsic work!!

    {Dab and a dash.}

  3. i love the cuff - it's absolutely beautiful!
    your blog is really inspiring - just wanted to thank you for sharing your work.


  4. Hi there,
    I just stopped by to say that my wonderful giveaway prize has arrived. :-)
    Thank you SO much, Jules!!! You're so generous! x