Sunday, 15 April 2012

Prolific week

To start with, I meant to report on my little giveaway mid-week but too much of my time has been taken up with sewing and stitching! WOW...I don't say that very often. Anyway, congratulations to Carly who won the giveaway! Lorna, I'm sending you a little something too to thank you for entering :) I'll message you both to get your details, and soon some little treats will be winging their way to you!

As my title suggests, I have actually got quite a lot done this week! On the embroidery front, an unexpected lunch trip to my local sewing shop meant I could pick up the blue thread I was needing to finish Big Stompy Fox, so here he is in all his knotty finished glory!
As soon as I finished that I flipped through my sketchbooks to find something else to inspire me. I found a sketch of a dragon head I liked, worked it up in my 'hoops' sketchpad, and a dragon drinking a cup of tea was born. Well, everyone likes tea right??? Sorry for the poor image, I just remembered to take this early evening as the light was starting to fade.
I do like his slightly concerned expression. Still have a bit of work to do to finish him, and possibly add some wording. Current thinking is either a line about dragons and tea, or a speech bubble with the following 'Destroy village...check, defeat knight...yep, buy milk....ah dang'. We'll see how it develops.

I also spent some time re-tidying my sewing space, which received a big tidy up feature in this post. Due to lack of use and a lot of dumping, it had become quite a mess again. Nothing too major, but quite a few piles had formed which needed sorted. In a few hours the desk was tidy, a fabric wash was on and I was at a bit of a loose end. So, I actually finished one of my works in progress! I was sick of looking at that little toy bed blanket I'd been meaning to finish for Izzy, so I grabbed it and it was done in about ten minutes! Disregarding the two rips I'd managed to inflict, I double folded the backing over to the front and simply topstitched it down. It's nasty, nasty, sewing, and it doesn't look pretty, but it got the job done. It fits the bed nicely and Izzy actually loves it, and uses it as a little lap blanket. Of course this use makes me think that I really should make her a full quilt, but I'll put aside that terrifying thought for now.
I even got the measurements right, it hangs just where I wanted it to. Hurrah!
Horrid stitching, but stitching COMPLETE
While tidying my stash, I came across some lovely medium weight fabric that I'd picked up on my last trip to Ikea. Over the last couple of days I'd been toying with the idea of making fabric cuffs or bracelets, so I cut out some of this fabric and just started sewing. Now, I have to say this 'grab it and sew' approach pretty much never works for me. I rush, I forget a crucial step or I just don't spend enough time on the design and I end up with a half-sewn ruined thing. This time however, I think the idea was simple enough that it actually worked first time and I created this neat little cuff with a button fastening. 
I can see a collection of these coming on...
The heavier fabric gives it a nice springy shape
The heavier fabric makes the double thickness sit well, and the shiny button adds a nice touch. I've been wearing it today and already my mind is full of embroidered cuffs...As this crazy space!!!


{nifty button}


  1. Oh my goodness!!! You have been a busy bee!!! The fabric bracelet/cuff is a super idea - I may have to give that a try (though I have never attempted button holes before).
    Have a great week.....

  2. Awesome job! I would love for you to link upto my Linky Party via:

    Mrs. Delightful