Saturday, 9 June 2012

Playing with patterns

I haven't been getting a lot of sewing done the last couple of weeks, mostly just working away on my wolfman, but I thought I'd spare you the now traditional update pictures of him today! However, I have been doing quite a lot of sketching in my embroidery sketchbook, and I have quite a few patterns and designs that I'm in the process of working up. Most require a bit more work and some sewing development to get them just right, but I have a few, simple cute little patterns that just seemed to go straight down onto the page with little effort. Isn't it weird how that happens sometimes? You can spend hours trying to get a certain drawing just right with no success, but then I turn the page and bust out some cute little animals. Really I shouldn't complain, as any design work that goes right is fab, but it does seem that the creative urge is so difficult to direct sometimes!

Anyway, I was so pleased with my new patterns, that I thought I would quickly whip one up as a free pattern for you all to enjoy! The pattern is called 'wuff', and features two cute little doggies. One who is barking away, and the other...well, I think he's more the strong silent type, don't you?
You can download a pdf of the pattern on Googledocs here.

This is my first actual pattern, and though I have a lot to learn about cleaning up the black and white linework, I think this is not too bad as a first attempt. Any problems with the download or the pattern itself, let me know, I'm keen to learn and improve! I'm still stitching up my first go at this pattern, but I couldn't wait until that was finished and photographed to share this with you all. The pdf pattern should fit just nicely in a 6 inch hoop. I'm using three threads on mine but possibly two would be better. I'm also planning to use chain stitch for the large lettering, see how it goes!

If you do download this pattern, I'd love to see what you you make from it! I've started a new Flickr group  for things made from my patterns (though I know this is just the first, I hope this will encourage me to make more!). So if you do sew up these doggies I'd love to see them here.



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