Sunday, 15 July 2012

Holidays and updates

Things have been rather quiet around here lately! Mostly due to a mix of holidays (exciting), and lack of crafting (not so exciting), but I'm back on the embroidery so never fear! Here's a little summary of the last month at The Awkward Niche.

We spent several days in the first week of our holidays in a lovely wooden wigwam on the banks of the beautiful Loch Tay. Not a lot of stitching or drawing was done except for one sketch which I'll feature later, but I took a few snaps of the very inspiring views, and generally just enjoyed thinking about neither work nor crafting very much. 
Our lovely wooden wigwam!
I drank as many hot chocolates as I could find!

The view from below the wigwams, featuring daughter.
Loch Tay beach at Kenmore, though apparently wellies are much more exciting than views!
I did make a lovely purchase when I was out though. If you are in the Highland Perthshire area and you love books and tea, I would heartily recommend a visit to The Watermill, a lovely bookshop/cafe/art gallery in Aberfeldy, all wrapped up in a  wonderful converted mill. We usually manage to make it here about once a year, so I always treat myself to a guilt-free book when we visit. They have a small crafty section, and this year I treated myself to the book on the left.
Books...lovely books!
I really fancy learning print-making, and although there are a number of courses in my area, I like the fact that this book teaches you printing techniques that you can then easily do at home, with a minimum of easy to find materials. Maybe if I try out some of the projects in this I'll enrol in a printing course. I also recently ordered the book on the right in the picture, in a bid to improve my photography. I only have a fairly old compact camera, and I don't really have plans to get anything bigger at the moment, so I need to get the best out of it. I think I was expecting this book to be smallish, but it's actually quite thick and full of excellent details. I've had a quick read through but need to spend some time really digesting it. I'd really like to improve my photos as I feel that sometimes they are quite poor (especially the shots of my poor wolfman!) so hopefully you might notice some improvements soon.

Back to the sketching I did get done on hols. I sat down with paper and pen one day and knocked up this cute little fella.

I liked this little fella a lot. I thought I would do the sleeping rabbit and tree in embroidery and then add appliquéd felt leaves and/or flowers. I liked it so much I started working it up when I got home and I ended up with this...
I stuck to just the leaves as I felt maybe the flowers would be too much. I did add some little french knot flowers in the grass though, I just couldn't resist. I was quite good and kept a note of most of my colour choices, stitches and thread numbers, so I hope to work this up into a full pattern when I have some time. I think he looks pretty relaxed, don't you?



  1. What a fantastic place to spend your holiday! Looks like lots of fun!!! :-)

  2. Thanks for visiting me! I love Loch Tay and The Watermill is brilliant isn't it? I've been a couple of times in the last year or so and always find excellent books as presents.......and, of course the cakes are yummy too.
    Your little sleepy bunny is fantastic. Very relaxed and happy - looks like a willow tree he's sleeping under. Juliex