Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A winter fox

I know Christmas is past, but winter is still well and truly making its presence felt! Here on the east coast of central Scotland, winter doesn't normally equal lots of snow fun (though the last few years have seen much sledging in our local park). Normally our winters mean lots of grey dull days, quite a lot of rain and those cold winds that go right through your clothes no matter how many layers you're wearing. Oh and the thought of it lasting more than another two months doesn't really bear thinking about! 

Probably because of this, my sketchbook has been full of cold looking animals these last few weeks. Some with woolly hats, some with wellies and others sporting toasty-looking scarves. One of these sketches in particular was just begging to be brought to life with thread, so here is my little winter fox, complete with warm scarf.
"My scarf is soooooooooooo cosy!"
I liked him so much, that I thought maybe some of you might like him too, so I've created a free pattern for him, including the details of what colours and stitches I used in the picture above, which you can download for free from HERE. The pattern comes as the outline pic below, so using a light box or bright window and transfer pens or pencils you can transfer to fabric and start stitching! Have fun with my winter fox, and if anyone stitches him up, I'd love to see him!
Sew Much Ado

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  1. Aw he's so sweet! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog too :D