Monday, 13 January 2014

January WIPs...

As I've been setting up my new craft room in my new house, I've come across quite a lot of unfinished bits and pieces of embroidery. Catching up on my usual blog list I found that the excellent &Stitches blog had started a Finish-Along, encouraging readers to grab those unfinished projects and finish them together. This was just the kick I needed to start some embroidery this year, so while organising I picked the following piece to finish.

I've had this white bear embroidery hanging around for a few months, and after stitching away for a while at it, any progress ground to a halt. The bear was one of my 'ad hoc' embroideries. For me this means I started out with little or no planning and just a simple sketch. I transferred this sketch to calico and just started to stitch, using whatever colours felt right. I start a lot of embroideries this way, and although it means I can get stitching really quickly, I often suffer from the lack of planning as I go along! 

For this bear, I couldn't decide what the embroidery would become when I was finished, and I also struggled with how to protray the water -  trying a few stitches, unpicking the lot and then popping the whole thing in a box for a few months, awaiting new inspiration. So, this is the piece I'll be working on in January. Do you have any unfinsihed embroideries you'd like to complete? Why not take up the & Stitches Finish-Along challenge and sew along with us all?

(Sorry for the poor photos, I got all ready to stitch and then realised I probably didn't have any snaps of this embroidery so grabbed a couple of 'before' pics on my phone! I'll take some better ones as I go along.)

(UPDATE: I've now finished this piece, you can read my blog post about the finished bear here )



  1. That is beautiful - love the flowers (is it cow parsley?). I look forward to seeing your progress : )

  2. I love this. Keep stitching as it is lovely.