Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Finish-Along completed!

Sometimes a little encouragement or a swift kick (or a deadline), are just what I need to get on with something. Joining the &Stitches Finish-Along has certainly worked wonders for my poor little white bear embroidery, which I found languishing at the bottom of my project bag from last year.  Well, this last week I finished him and I am really pleased with the results. Sometimes a little distance from a project can certainly be a good thing, as all the decisions that I just couldn't seem to make about this little fella simply seemed easier after a break. So here he is, all finished and hooped up.
 I decided to keep him as a hooped piece, and so went for a circular edging motif around the scene. I used feather stitch to create an organic plant feel, adding little french knots 'seed heads' or 'buds'. The finished stitching for this part seemed a little too flat, so I used the same green thread I used for the feather stitch and wrapped it around the main stem of the stitch, leaving the shoots as they were. I didn't need the wrapping (or whipping) to be wonderfully even; I was using the same colour and I thought any uneven section would just make it seem more like a plant. I love the finished effect and I think it'll probably appear in some future embroideries as well.
Feather stitch with whipped main stem
The water had also given me a lot of trouble. Last year I bought some blue glitter thread to help me with the water, but I never used it as it seemed too much, too glittery for the palette of the piece. I also contemplated getting some satin or silk thread to add lustre to the water. In the end, I stuck to my usual Anchor cottons and when I finally made myself stop sewing (does anyone else have that problem sometimes? Knowing when to stop?), I was happy that it looked like water, and I felt that it was obvious enough that the bear was looking at, and reaching out to touch his reflection. Phew! Completed!
So, thank you &Stitches for giving me that proverbial kick to finish this little guy. I'm much more fond of him than I ever was, and he has inspired me to start several new pieces!

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  1. Wow! That's wonderful - I bet you're So pleased that you finished it off in the end. VERY clever indeed!