Thursday, 6 March 2014

Loving the machine part 2 - giving it a home

So this week I thought maybe I should make some sort of gesture of friendship to my machine, extend the hand of partnership and do something just for him (yes, for some reason my machine is a 'him). Well, the first thing that popped into my head was of course to make him a little cover. Many of the wonderful blogs I read have featured the fantastic covers they have made for their machines, so I thought that would be a good place to start. After all, the plastic dust cover that often comes with your machine isn't the most gorgeous thing around is it?
"I just look a little...sad...Please love me..."
 I spent a while browsing the internet, looking for cover ideas to prompt me rather than a full pattern or tutorial - well, if you fancy making a cover for your machine, there is a fantastic wealth of great free patterns and tutes out there, offering different styles and approaches. Even a browse through Google Images will give you a wealth of ideas! After a brief browse, I decided I wanted a full cover rather than one with ties, and I thought pockets on the end would be a great way to keep the cables tidy when the machine was not in use. I also wanted to keep it simple, no lining or added fanciness. I mean, let's face it, me and the machine are not bosum buddies yet!

I had plenty of the medium weight bright IKEA fabric that I used on my daughters seat cover here, so I used this, some solid purple for the side pockets with light blue bias binding for the pocket top edges. Having the aforementioned sad little plastic dust cover was useful, as I based my measurements on it, adding a few centimetres to each as the dustcover was snug, and I wanted my pockets to have some give. Here's the finished cover - much cheerier!
"Hooray!...I am loved!"
Here is a shot of the end pockets, showing the power cable neatly stowed away, but easy to grab for its next use. Oh and in case you're wondering, yes, I label my plugs. It's to make sure I'm unplugging the right thing without following a tangled cable. You all do that...right? right???
So in summary, one of my first big tips for loving the machine is to give it a home, but in two senses. As I mentioned in my last post here, my machine now lives on my desk permanently. If you can keep your machine in plain sight ready to use, it really helps encourage to you use it. Even if its just thinking 'Hmmm...I could just mend that popped seam would take me like...two minutes!'. It makes a difference. And if a new cover makes you smile every time you see your machine, well then so much the better!

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