Thursday, 13 March 2014

March - In the works

I was going to name this new semi-regular sum-up post 'in the hoop', but then I thought that would mean I was restricted to only featuring embroidery, so I thought I'd go for a different name. 

I love showing finished pieces on my blog and patterns ready to go, but of course, that's really the image of the beautiful swan gliding effortlessly on top of the water isn't it? We all know that the time between an idea and showing a pretty finished piece can be quite long, and involve a lot of work (the swan legs peddling furiously under the water!) If we all waited that long to post every time we might be waiting very long indeed! So here's a sneak peak at what March is all about for me in 2014.

The embroidery
These pieces are all in the works. A cute hedgehog carrying flowers, some ridiculously cute ballerina bunnies (I have no idea why they popped into my head one morning, but they just had to be stitched), and final pattern designs for my 'time for adventure pattern' (which you might remember from it's first appearance on my blog here - which oh my goodness was two years ago...better late than never right??).

The life around the making
This week we actually had sunshine! I don't mean a hint of shivery spring light, but sunshine enough that we spent several days in the garden and had to find where we'd packed away the outside tables and chairs. This couple of days of lovely weather meant lots of...
Outdoor playtime! Hurrah
Outdoor embroidery for goodness sakes!
Making food with the kitchen door open, light streaming in and listening to birds signing rather than the radio. We're not quite onto the eating outside yet, but for some reason the nice weather is encouraging more bread making and bread eating. 

How is March treating you?


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