Monday, 22 September 2014

A little bit of progress

This nice late burst of summer has encouraged me out into the garden once all chores are complete and both children are fed/changed/dressed/off to school/down to sleep (insert child-care related term here). I even managed to spend a little bit of time with the embroidery WIPs as well.

For one of the pieces I'm working on, I'm trying to depict camp-fire smoke (albeit magical camp-fire smoke). I've done quite a lltlet of stitching on it already, using whites, greys and blues - stitched in split and chain stitch. Its looking good, but also a bit flat. I've started adding some french knots, but thought it needed something more - perhaps some buillion knots?
Campfire smoke - with added smoky dragons. See, I told you it was magical smoke!
I love french knots, who doesn't? But I remember trying to learn them from a diagram in a book and struggling. None of the flat drawings I looked at really got across the crucial role of the left hand holding the thread taught. Once I got it though, there were french knots appearing in everything I made - and there still are - because those knots are so fun and cute dammit! 

Well, I had much the same problem with buillion knots. My first efforts were poor, but slowly got better. I wasn't at home when I first started to practice so didn't have access to online videos -  I only had a book at my disposal. As with many things, only practice could help. I haven't got them perfect yet, but as the piccie below shows, I am slowly getting there! 
From left to right, those buillion knots are getting gradually better!
Just realised that I never got around to posting any baby pics of my little boy, and it's a bit late now as he's almost four months old! Anyway, he joined me outside while I was doing the stitching above and had his very own 'hoop' to play with while I worked!

"I have a hoop too Mummy! Though mine is for biting, not stitching..."