About me

Hi there and thanks for dropping by! My name is Jules, and this little corner of the web is where I like to tip out the crazy contents of my brain and the results of my crafty endeavours. Illustration and embroidery are my two main passions - when I get twitchy fingers only a pencil or a needle will do to calm me down! (though a cake and nice cup of tea will also do wonders).

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but most of my work ends up revolving around animals, unique characters and snippets of strange little stories that pop into my noggin. 

I plan to sell my patterns and some of my original work here on my website, but I'm also open to commissions and exploring new areas of work. If you'd like to commission me to do some work, or get in contact for any other reason, you can drop me a line via the contact form below, or contact me through my Facebook Page.

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